July 13, 2022: An ICONic Day For All The Wrong Reasons

23 years, 84 days after the Columbine High School mass shooting (Littleton, CO). 13 innocents killed, 21 injured.

9 years, 153 days after the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting (Newton, CT). 27 innocents killed, 2 injured.

7 years, 26 days after the Emanuel AME Church mass shooting (Charleston, SC). 9 innocents killed, 1 injured.

6 years, 31 days after the Pulse nightclub mass shooting (Orlando, FL). 49 innocents killed, 58 injured. Shooting took place. The nightclub was located about 7 1/2 miles from ICON Park.

6 years, 6 days after the Next Generation Action Network protest shooting (Dallas, TX). 5 police officers killed, 11 injured. Initial reports from the police indicated the shooter may have been positioned in an elevated location, such as a roof or parking garage.

4 years, 265 days after the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival mass shooting (Las Vegas, NV). 60 innocents killed, more than 860 injured. Shooter was on 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Resort.

4 years, 250 days after the First Baptist Church mass shooting (Sutherland Springs, TX). 26 innocents killed, 22 injured.

4 years, 149 days after the Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting (Parkland, FL). 17 innocents killed, 17 injured.

3 years, 43 days after the Virginia Beach Municipal Center mass shooting (Virginia Beach, VA). 12 innocents, killed, 4 injured.

2 years, 344 days after the Walmart mass shooting (El Paso, TX). 23 innocents killed, 23 injured.

2 years, 343 days after the Ned Peppers Bar mass shooting (Dayton, OH). 9 innocents killed, 27 injured.

1 year, 113 days after the King Soopers supermarket mass shooting (Boulder, CO). 10 innocents killed, 1 injured.

1 year, 48 days after the Valley Transportation Authority mass shooting (San Jose, CA). 9 innocents killed.

111 days after 14-year old Tyre Sampson fell to his death from the Orlando FreeFall at ICON Park.

99 days after the McCallie Avenue nightclub mass shooting (Chattanooga, TN). 3 innocents killed, 14 injured.

92 days after the N Train mass shooting (New York City, NY). 29 innocents injured.

60 days after the Tops Friendly Market mass shooting (Buffalo, NY). 10 innocents killed.

59 days after the Geneva Presbyterian Church mass shooting (Laguna Woods, CA). 1 innocent killed, 5 injured.

50 days after the Robb Elementary School mass shooting (Uvalde, TX). 21 innocents killed, 18 injured.

42 days after the Saint Francis Hospital mass shooting (Tulsa, OK). 4 innocents killed.

39 days after the South Street mass shooting (Philadelphia, PA). 2 innocents killed, 9 injured.

35 days after ICON Park announced that it would light The Wheel at ICON Park in rainbow colors in honor of Pulse Remembrance Week and that $5 from each sale of a Wheel ticket would support the onePULSE Foundation.

9 days after the 4th of July parade mass shooting (Highland Park, IL). 7 innocents killed, 46 injured. Shooter was positioned on a rooftop.

ICON Park made its Bullseye Blast announcement.

ORLANDO, Fla. (July 13, 2022) – The already popular Wheel at ICON Park is reaching new heights with a fun, new feature for guests – gamers especially will be thrilled by the addition of the Bullseye Blast. 

As their air-conditioned capsule ascends above Orlando, players scan the rooftops of ICON Park to find 50 strategically pre-selected targets with varying degrees of difficulty. To get the highest score possible, players need to hit as many of these as possible with their laser blaster during the 18-minute ride.

Each of the custom-made blasters has a scope on it, allowing the players to view an infrared beam and assist them when aiming at the targets. The score is displayed on the side of the blaster and targets flash off and on to confirm a hit.

The Wheel at ICON Park is the only observation wheel in the world to provide this amazing, new infrared technology, and effectively gamify and reinvigorate the experience to an entirely new audience of gamers.

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